Avanti's Arts Al Fresco Series, In Support of DFW Emerging Artists

The Avanti Arts Al Fresco series provides a springboard to emerging local artists and celebrates the artistic soul and unique heartbeat of Dallas’ Uptown neighborhood. 

Powered by Avanti Restaurant, the Arts Al Fresco initiative gives exposure to Dallas’up-and-coming artists by providing them a high traffic venue to showcase their work.  Avanti has become a Dallas mainstay, a chic neighborhood restaurant offering Italian-Mediterranean cuisine for over  twenty-nine years. 

Since April 2018, the white walls of Avanti's patio have become the exhibition space to a select group of local artists, allowing them to make their creative debuts in the vibrant Dallas Uptown scene.

 "Arts Al Fresco is about a transformative moment in the life of an artist; when they decide to exhibit their art for the first time. This moment is infused with by both strength and vulnerability," explains Virginie Naigeon-Malek, founder of Arts Al Fresco. "We are grateful to be a part of this significant milestone in their journey." 

Every two months a new artist is  featured, giving artists who are beginning their creative journey a chance to exhibit and the opportunity to share their inspiration and vision of the world.

“There is a high level of conviviality and positive energy at Avanti that resonates with Uptown’s heartbeat. Avanti is about bringing people together around food, wine and music and enjoying life together. Inviting emerging artists to share their work with our friends and guests is such an exciting and natural thing to do,” says Amin Malek, founder of Avanti. “Arts Al Fresco is our way to give back to the neighborhood of Uptown. Our space may be limited but the reach of art is infinite.”   

Learn more or submit your art at avantirestaurants.com

Contact: avantidallas.@gmail.com

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